Istanbul Shore Excursions: Bosphorus cruise

by Lorraine
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

I absolutely loved my trip on the Bosphorus cruise today.

It was early March so it was a little chilly but they kept the tea coming. The trip up to the castle was splendid.

The views, the pathways, the ruins of the castle exceeded expectations.

I only have two complaints. It was not easy to find which boat tour is this one. There are lots of people trying to sell tickets on their boats and you're not sure if you are getting the right one.

Second, you said in your description to stroll the quaint fishing village but you cannot even walk one step without being harrassed to come in for a meal. It completely takes away from the experience of sitting out in the sun and enjoying the experience. I ate at the first restaurant that did NOT shove their menu in my face and ask me to come eat there.

In spite of this, I would highly recommend the experience.

Reply from Oz:

I'm so glad that one more person in the world has seen that Bosphorus view from the ruined castle on the hill at "Anadolu Kavagi". It really is wonderful.

I definitely aggree with the things that you've pointed out;

Finding the right port for this cruise can be a little complicated. That's why I wrote some pages about these Bosphorus cruises.

And restaurant workers, tell me about it.. They can be really nagging. I have the same feelings whenever I go there. The best solution is to ignore them.

But it is a problem that you face when you are in the Mediterranean part of the world. People are warm and sometimes they can be sticky.

I had a similar experience in Spain in 2005 and I was quite shocked because I thought it was unique to Turkey.. :)

I hope you enjoyed your Istanbul trip and you can visit here again soon.

Best wishes..


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