Blue Mosque
A Masterpiece
in Istanbul

Blue Mosque in Istanbul is a nickname of "Sultanahmet Mosque", given by foreign travellers. It is known as Blue Mosque due to its turqouise and cobalt tile decoration.

Sultanahmet Mosque Complex is widely known by its mosque and it is a landmark in the marvellous skyline of İstanbul.

This complex was built by Sedefkar Mehmed Ağa, the architect, for Sultan Ahmed, in early 17th century.

The complex consists of;

  • Primary school,
  • Theology school,
  • Soup kitchen for the ones in need,
  • Hospital,
  • Water distribution points,
  • Tomb,
  • Caravansarai for the travelers to stay safely,
  • Market place,
  • Imperial pavillion for the Sultans use for prayer services, and of course
  • and the Blue Mosque...

Did you know?

Blue Mosque is the only mosque with six minarets and is one of the most significant mosques in İstanbul.

It has a splendid exterior with the cascade of domes, semidomes and the six minarets.

Blue Mosque in Istanbul has an inner courtyard surrounded by 26 granite columns forming a portico covered by 30 domes. There is an octogonal Sadirvan (water fountain) at the centre of the courtyard.

The interior of the mosque is a very spacious one, with the light flooding from its 250 stained glass windows, with 51 m. length, 53 m. width and a dome which has a crown 43 m. above the floor.

Lower parts of the walls and galleries were decorated with nearly 20.000 Iznik tiles, depicting the traditional lily, carnation, tulip, rose, cypresses and other floral patterns.

These are all in exquisite colors, with shades of blues and greens dominating. The stonework, woodwork, painted decorations are fine examples of their era.

Necessary info about Blue Mosque:

Where exactly?:

You can see it at the North-east corner of Sultanahmet Square.

Entrance fee: Free

Opening hours:

Open all day long, until the last prayer time.

Adress: Sultanahmet Square, Sultanahmet

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