Budget Istanbul Hotels

There are a variety of budget Istanbul hotels to choose between. You can find the most convenient hotel in Istanbul according to the best location, style and price that fits your Istanbul tour plans.

There are a variety of Istanbul hotels to choose between.

It would be important to find excellent hotels or Istanbul apartments when you come here for a trip.

Staying in a comfortable place is essential in having a hassle-free holiday.

You can find the most convenient budget hotel in Istanbul according to the best location, style and price that fits your Istanbul tour plans.

Where to stay? Sultanahmet or Taksim?

The most convenient places to stay in Istanbul are located around Sultanahmet (Old City) and Taksim.

There are quite a number of Istanbul hotels both in Sultanahmet and Taksim and they are very close to main attractions and historic places.

Sultanahmet and Taksim are not very far away from each other. You will go back and forth between these two parts of the city during your stay in Istanbul, for sure.

There are advantages of both places..

Did you know?

- Booking your hotel room early gives you the opportunity to find very low rates in budget hotels in Istanbul, just like other cities in the world.

- Room rates on the webpages of budget hotels might differ tremendously between seasons. It can really pay off big to keep an eye on the seasonal offers of hotels in Istanbul.

Budget Istanbul Hotels in Sultanahmet:

Budget hotels in Sultanahmet are in short walking distance from main attractions like Saint Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace.

If you're planning a trip with lots of walking tours to explore the Old City, then staying in Sultanahmet will be a good idea.

Besides, they are usually blessed with nice views of the Sea of Marmara and Old City, from their rooftops.

Not that you will be sitting on the rooftop all the time. But who wouldn't like to have their breakfast with the views of shining sea or have an evening drink before you go to your room while watching the Old City.

Here you can find the best Budget Hotels in Sultanahmet

Budget Istanbul Hotels in Taksim:

Most of the Budget Hotels in Taksim are located in Talimhane part of Taksim, which is a very short walk to all attractions in Istiklal Street, Beyoglu.

If you're more into Istanbul nightlife and other attractions around Istiklal Street, then Taksim it is! Because you wouldn't like to get on a taxi at 3a.m. to get back to Sultanahmet.

Talimhane is a neighborhood full of hotels with restricted motor vehicle access. This keeps the visitors away from the noise of Taksim.

And recently new hotel buildings were added to Galata, Tunel and Cihangir and they are absolutely gorgeous..

Here you can find the best Budget Hotels in Taksim

Check with your hotel;

Hotels usually provide an airport transfer service for their visitors, for a small fee, usually around 30 Euros.

Considering you will be carrying at least one luggage, using the hotel shuttle for airport transfers is a safe way to keep you away from hassling with Istanbul Metro.

Not that it is hard to use the metro but it takes longer than a private vehicle for sure. And time is very important for a traveler in Istanbul, better spent travelling..

Check for it on the hotels page.

Here you can find all about airport transfers in Istanbul.

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