Istanbul Airport Transfers:
Ataturk International Airport

Which Istanbul airport will you be arriving?

Which Istanbul airport transfers should you use?

You will find here all necessary info for your arrival and departure.

Istanbul Airport Transfers; from Ataturk Int. Airport:

If you don’t have a hotel pick-up service, you have three options here for reaching city center:

a) Metro

b) Havas Airport Shuttle Buses

c) Airport Taxi,

A) Metro:

It is convenient to use the metro from the main Istanbul airport. It is the cheapest and fastest option, if you landed during traffic hours.

Istanbul metro system operates from the airport to the main destinations like Sultanahmet and Taksim.

But it is not the best option for a traveler with a big luggage or limited time; it takes minimum 75 minutes and a couple of transfers.

The access to the metro is just outside the airport. The best railway route to city center requires a combination of metro and tram;

Steps for Metro:

  • First take the metro at the airport to “Zeytinburnu”.
  • Get off at “Zeytinburnu” station and transfer to the tram (Light Rail Tram, Turkish: “Hafif Metro”).
  • a) If your destination is Sultanahmet, hop on any train with the “EMINONU” sign on it.

    Get off at “Sultanahmet” station, if your hotel is around Old City.

    b) If your destination is Taksim or Beyoglu hop on any train with the “KABATAS” sign on it.

    Get off at last stop, “Kabatas” station. Then switch to the funicular tram goes from “Kabatas” to ”Taksim Square”.

B) Airport Shuttle Bus (Havas):

Airport Shuttle Bus (Havas is the name of the company) is a good choice. Havas buses are running to several main destinations.

It is cheap, fast and takes you to the main areas like Taksim and Aksaray (which is close to Sultanahmet by taxi). But there is a good chance of waiting for the next one.

You will find Havas shuttle buses right out of the airport. The trip takes 45 minutes to 1,5 hours, depending on traffic.

You will be paying in the bus and it costs TL 10 / person.

The route of the bus is through the coastal way to Aksaray, Tepebasi and to Taksim.

Steps for Havas Airport Shuttle Bus:

  • First take the bus to “Taksim” at the airport.
  • a) If your destination is Sultanahmet, get off at “Aksaray.” Take a taxi from there, it is very close to Sultanahmet.

    b) If your destination is Galata, get off at “Tepebasi.

    c) If your destination is Taksim or Beyoglu, get off at Taksim.

    You can check the timetable from

C) Taxi:

The best way to reach the city from the main Istanbul airport is a taxi ride. My advice would be to take a taxi or it is better to use the hotel pick up service, if available of course.

Taking a taxi;

  • Will give you the opportunity of a very nice scenic tour through the coastal road. (Tell your driver to go through "Sahil Yolu"- Coastal Road)
  • Is not very expensive, (about 30 TL, €13, £14)
  • Is faster and quicker. (20 – 50 minutes, depending on traffic)

But remember, if you will land on the rush hour, traffic will be loaded. And of course metro and trams will be crowded too.

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Istanbul Airport Transfers to Ataturk International Airport:

Doesn’t matter from which Istanbul airport, leaving this magnificent city is always hard.

Hoping you can come back soon, here are some details which will be handy on your istanbul airport transfers;

If you don’t have a hotel pick-up service, you have three options for reaching the main Istanbul airport.

a) Metro

b) Havas; Airport Shuttle Buses

c) Taxi

A) Metro:

If you are in Sultanahmet, get on the tram from “Sultanahmet” stop. Get off at “Zeytinburnu” stop and switch to Metro to “Ataturk International Airport”.

If you are in Taksim, get on the funicular from “Taksim Square” to “Kabatas". Switch to tram in “Kabatas”. Get off at “Zeytinburnu” stop and switch to Metro to “Ataturk International Airport”.

B) Airport Shuttle Bus (Havas):

Havas; shuttle buses take off from Taksim, next to Turkish Airlines office and Mc Donalds. It is easy to recognize both.

You can check the timetable from

C) Taxi:

Simply get in and have a scenic trip to the main Istanbul airport. This is very wise to do if you are not travelling alone.

Find a big taxi though, if you are 3-4 people. You don't want to travel all that distance like a can of sardines.

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Here you can find all necessary things for your Istanbul airport transfers if you are landing to Sabiha Gokcen International Airport:

Sabiha Gokcen Airport Transfers

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