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There are a great number and variety of Istanbul hotels. It seems that it’s hard to choose.

It will be very simple if you know some facts.

There are some parameters to consider before choosing between the various hotels in Istanbul;

Parameters of choosing a hotel:

1) Location

2) Hotel Style

3) Price Range

1) Location:

There are certain locations for different needs;

  • Sultanahmet Hotels
  • This is the centre of the old city and the main tourist area today. Sultanahmet is a good choice if you are planning an intense sightseeing. Key sights are within walking distance to each other. Most of the city’s attractive accommodation choices, like small boutique hotels are in the backstreets of Sultanahmet.

  • Taksim Hotels
  • This is the center of the city. Most of the four-star hotels in Istanbul and new boutique hotels are located here. Taksim will be a good choice if you are a night-bird. Most of the nightclubs are here, around Istiklal Street. Besides it is not far away from Sultanahmet and other main areas.

  • Nişantaşı Hotels
  • This is a rather shopping-oriented choice. If you are into chic neighborhoods with chic boutiques, than this is the right place for you to stay. There are several boutique hotels here. Nişantaşı is very close to Taksim, Beşiktaş and even to Sultanahmet. So you won’t be missing any fun!

  • Bosphorus Hotels(European and Asian Side)
  • Both European and Asian Side host the best Istanbul hotels. You can choose to stay in a close neighborhood to downtown, like Ortaköy. But if you choose to stay in a remote part of the Bosphorus, you can use the private boats of the hotels to reach the city easily. This way you would be staying along the gorgeous Bosphorus without any traffic problems.

  • Airport Hotels (or close to airport)
  • This option exists only for two reasons; If you are here only for one night because of a weird flight schedule or you are here only for business issues. If your stay will be more then just one night, than you should consider checking-in to one of the Istanbul hotels located in downtown. This is Istanbul; you can’t just duck in to a bed and leave the next morning!

2) Hotel Type and Style:

  • Luxury Hotels
  • Boutique Hotels and Nostalgic Buildings
  • 5 Star Hotels
  • Suites
  • Budget Accommodations
  • Aparts

3) Price Range:

  • 500 Euros and up
  • 200-500 Euros
  • 100-200 Euros
  • Budget hotels and Hostels

My advice?

Decide what you want to do here beforehand and choose the hotel that is closest to the places you want to cover.. Otherwise you will loose lots of time in traffic, between your hotel and the places you will visit.

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