Istanbul Incentives:
Best gift ever!

Istanbul incentives trips are the best gifts that will turn to be a lifelong memory. A trip to an exciting city is the best incentive reward corporations can offer to their valuable clients, employees, sales forces or even their executives.

Corporate executives of today realize that a trip full of memories is the best way to reward their hard working employees or partners..

Imagine how exciting your trip can be with all the choices you’ve got, like;

- Getting lost at the small streets of a picturesque fishing village,

- Cruising the amazing Bosphorus,

- Sightseeing around the Old City,

- Witnessing history of thousands of years at the same place, tasting the delicious traditional Turkish cuisine,

- Shopping in centuries old Grand Bazaar,

- Having a hamam experience and a rub-down in a Turkish bath

- And so on..

Whatever you choose, it is certain that it will be a unique experience and a lifetime memory.. You will feel the local spirit to the core.

Best Istanbul incentives consist of 4 major steps;

  • Setting out the major outlines,
  • Creative and intense planning of details,
  • Reasonable pricing and
  • Perfect and smooth implementation.

An Istanbul trip will be the best motivator for your employees, distributors, clients and executives..

Mindset of the guests of Istanbul incentive travel program will be different than a regular traveler. They sure will expect a very satisfying daily program and high quality in each step of the way.

Creativity is what makes your Istanbul travel different than a regular trip.

All you need is a well-designed program
that best fits your specific needs...

Historical background of Istanbul offers unusual and dramatic places for customized events and theme parties.

You can find old Byzantine cisterns, Ottoman Palaces, Ottoman and Roman Ruins and do much more as available venues for these events.

You can have custom-designed Istanbul incentives that are tailored to your specific needs and your budget.

There are travel agencies that arrange recreational activities like Bosphorus cruises and sightseeing, select the best accommodation, schedule all transportation, plan the best Turkish cuisine dining and arrange other customized amenities.

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Did you know?

The most adored part of an Istanbul trip is always the Bosphorus Cruise.. Make sure you include it to your plans!

What to look for in an Istanbul Incentive package?

Creative pre-travel planning and event consulting,

  • Assistance and support about Visa for Turkey,
  • Arranging the best flight to and from Istanbul,
  • Choosing accommodation at 4-5 star, luxurious central hotels or Istanbul boutique hotels,
  • Meet & greet hospitality service,
  • High quality professional service for handling operations for any size of groups,
  • 24-hour event support,
  • Pre and post-event support like transportation and guidance,
  • Catering and dining arrangements at unique restaurants, favorably that serve Turkish food,
  • Arranging nightlife events at up-market venues,
  • Private tours and Istanbul shore excursions with professional guides,
  • And most importantly; smooth execution of all of these…

Essentials for company meetings or conferences:

If you want to include meetings and conferences to your tour plan, make sure that your travel agency is providing you these;

  • Selection and reservation of prestigious conference venues in Istanbul/Turkey,
  • Conference packets like tags and brochures,
  • Printing and business services,
  • Modern audio-visual equipment,
  • Available equipment for recording of the sessions,
  • Transportation to and from the place of event.

Other useful tips:

  • Check the coaches before you make a contract with your travel agency. See what kind of minibuses or vans they will use for your transportation. The travel agencies that arrange the tour plan usually have new and comfortable vans. But being cautious is better that being surprised, right?
  • Make sure all transportations during your stay are included to the price.
  • Check which meals are included and which are not. Because there can be free time during some activities like shopping etc, and if you don’t want your participants to pay any extra, make sure there are no exceptions about lunches, dinners and snacks.
  • Understand what will be extra and what will be not. This will help you stick to the budget you’ve planned.

You can find out how to arrange the best Istanbul trip and what it should include, sample activities and sample program here:

Istanbul Incentives, Sample Program

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