Istanbul Life:
A Glimps on Nightlife and Cultural Scene

Istanbul life, is hot with its vibrant nightlife and cultural activities of all kinds. You will find here up-to-date info about which club is in or not, all cool museums, exhibitions and all about interesting cultural activities like the upcoming Istanbul Biennal.

Doesn’t matter if you have chosen İstanbul primarily for its historical background or because you’ve found the active cultural scene appealing or chose it over what you’ve heard about the vibrant nightlife… Istanbul reveals itself to you in many unexpected ways.


Istanbul nightlife is rich in options. When it comes to night life, you have a lot to choose between. Bosphorus shore-front restaurants and nightclubs, scenic rooftops, restaurants and hotel lounges to watch the shining jewel called İstanbul at night and have the most beatiful night ever… Live music venues, open-air, concerts, festivals make this city vibrant and full of life especially during summer months.

There is an ever-growing number of bars, clubs and restaurants, so it’s better to check what’s new and what’s hot before your visit to İstanbul…

Cultural Scene

It is not only the nightlife which is vibrantly active in this city; the cultural scene is a hard-to-catch one too. Istanbul is enriched with cultural activities, all year.

The city is the cultural capital of Turkey and deserves this label rightfully.

Exhibitions in galleries are hard to follow because of their enormous number.

Museums have their own permanent and temporary exhibitions as an addition to the independent galleries.

Film festivals in autumn and winter are world-famous.

Music festivals have a range from rock to jazz and blues. And the concerts, especially the ones in open-air during summer are real feasts for the soul..

We shouldn't forget to mention the Istanbul Biennal too..

What on earth can someone ask for more?

There is always something new in Istanbul life....

Every month, every season comes with their unique additions.

I have listed them for you under different categories. (or let’s say, I tried to…)

  • This month; your monthly agenda
  • Nightlife and clubs
  • Cool museums
  • Concerts
  • Festivals

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