Istanbul Tour Guides

Istanbul tour guides can enhance your travel with their thorough knowledge of Istanbul. I believe it is quite possible to enjoy and discover Istanbul with your own efforts.

And Istanbul is not a place that you need a guide with you all the time. Actually Istanbul is best discovered on your own.


Having a private tour guide with you for 1 or 2 days can really enhance your Istanbul experience, because a tour guide will be able to fill you in with unique information whenever you need it.

You can choose to have a guide for 1 or 2 days or during your entire trip. It all depends on how you travel and what are your specific needs.

Keep in mind that;

Tour guides are professionals that expect to be paid for their services.

And this includes the pre-planning phase too. So don’t be surprised if they ask for payment before they answer your questions and they plan your trip.

Facts about Licenced guides;

  • Licensed tour guides in Turkey have an official “Tour Guide’s License”. They go through a very intense training program to obtain that license. So ask for the license number of your guide and be sure that she or he is a registered tour guide. It is illegal to be a guide in Turkey without the necessary training and the license.
  • Licensed tour guides are only licensed for tours. They can not make arrangements that travel agencies can.

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