Istanbul Travel Agencies
Do You Need Them?

Do you need Istanbul travel agencies or not? Well, it depends..

What is a travel agency, basically? It is a company that provides professional services for arranging flights, booking hotels, tour packages, transfers, finding guides, renting cars etc..

So do you need a travel agency? It totally depends on your specific needs.

If you are a diligent travel-planner who is used to planning trips, you might not need the services of travel agencies.

And with the internet, you may arrange your bookings in a couple of days.

If you are planning only for a weekend in Istanbul and if you have plenty of time in your hands to plan it thoroughly; then go with the internet reservations and book everything yourself.

But if you don’t have enough experience with planning your own trip, then you definitely need the services of Istanbul travel agencies.

Because it might take long and become tedious to get responses from hotels, tour operators, airlines etc..

Your planning phase can be a chaotic experience if you don’t have enough time for all these.

You can seriously think about using a travel agency in Istanbul to make every detail fit together.

Benefits of using agencies;

  • It is quick and easy. You don’t lose time for palnning, they do the hard work for you.
  • It is good for your budget. Agencies almost always have better deals than you can.
  • It is fool-proof. If something goes wrong, just call them and let them fix it.

How to use a travel agency?

If you consider using the service of an agency, let them plan everything.

Don’t divide different services between several agencies. It will be more confusing to keep track of them and it might be a lot more expensive for you.

Because when you work with only one agency, the staff will have a better understanding of your special needs and arrange all bookings accordingly and operation of the trip will be smoother this way.

Keep in mind that, Istanbul travel agencies like all other agencies in the world, earn commissions from hotels, tour operators, tour guides, restaurants, airlines, car rentals, private transport services etc..

This is totally normal since they need to make money to survive.

And this doesn’t mean that you’re ripped off.

It basically works like this;

  • Travel agencies have better deals for all kinds of services because they deal for hotel rooms or airline tickets in bulks.
  • They sell the offer to you and earn a commission.
  • Usually you pay less or equal to the amount that you’d pay if you arranged it yourself.
  • You didn’t lose time on any booking efforts, you paid less and you have someone to call if something goes wrong.
  • Pretty good deal, huh?

And a special tip:

If you are planning to travel by air within Turkey, buy your ticket from a travel agency in Turkey. Because they can get domestic rates instead of international rates.

And a travel agency in Turkey can arrange airport transfers for you.

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