Maps of Istanbul:
Bosphorus Maps

You are definitely going to need a map or even maps of Istanbul, if you are planning a trip here. Istanbul is huge and maps will be your best friends.

Istanbul is very easy to navigate actually, with the Bosphorus cutting the city in half..

If Bosphorus Strait is not on your list, it's better to add it immediately. A trip to Istanbul is never complete without seeing Bosphorus.

You will find here the Bosphorus maps that will help you explore the beautiful shores of Bosphorus easily.

1) Besiktas:

Besiktas is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Istanbul. It is always crowded, always bustling. It still has that old neighbourhood feel to it, mostly because of the shopowners and workers that consist the famous "Carsi" group, supporter group of Besiktas sports club. There are only a handful of buildings that are intact but there are lots of nice restaurants that you can have a nice dinner. (we call them meyhane, a kind of restaurat that serves mostly fish, mezes and of course raki.)

Here is the map of Beşiktaş:

2) Ortakoy:

Ortakoy and the Bridge at night...
Photo: By Leandro's world tour / Flick

Ortakoy is

one of the most


"fishing villages"

on the

Bosphorus Strait..

Ortakoy Mosque and Ortakoy Square...
Photo: By Simone Hemschrott / Flickr

It is a picturesque neighborhood and it is very colorful especially on weekends when there is the open-air market.

Ortaköy houses a number of nice cafés and restaurants, serving in old Ottoman houses.

There are two waterside squares where you can see the amazing views of Ortaköy Mosque, Bogaziçi Bridge and the Bosphorus Strait.

Here is a detailed map of Ortakoy, which you will need for discovering this cute village on Bosphorus.

3) Bebek and Rumeli Hisari:

Bebek is located on a wide bay on Bosphorus Strait. This suburb is a little too trendy but it has a nice park along the waterfront.

You can reach the beautiful Rumeli Hisari (Rumeli Fortress) just by walking towards North from Bebek.

Here is a map showing Bebek and Rumeli Hisari;

4) Uskudar:

Uskudar is a must-see on the Asian Side of Istanbul. A number of mosques will be waiting for you there to be discovered.. There you will see the Old City from the other side of the city, and witness absolute beauty..

Here is one of the maps of Istanbul which you will need for discovering the Asian Side of the city:

Map here

5) Kadikoy:

Kadikoy is the Taksim of the Asian side of the city. You can live without seeing it if you have only 2-3 days. But if you'll stay longer, then it's a good idea to hop on a ferry (vapur) from Sirkeci, Karakoyor Besiktas and have stroll around this neighbourhood..

Here is the Kadikoy map;

6) Kuzguncuk:

This is a neighbourhood which will give you the idea of old Istanbul on its heyday. The church, the synagog, the small mosque with the wooden minaret and so much more.. It is a very lively place with lots of cafe options..

Here is the map of Kuzguncuk;

7) Cengelkoy:

Cengelkoy is old news and a very classic place to visit. But there is a reason for a cliche to become a cliche you know.. It is always crowded day and night. But worth seeing. And on the good side, neighbourhood is going through a face-lift.. Nicer cafes, wiser restorations, politer service staff.. It is a nice place for a sunset.

Here is the map of Cengelkoy;

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