Massage in Istanbul:
Best Spas and Hamam

When talking about a massage in Istanbul, the first thing comes to mind is of course hamams, known as Turkish baths. It is very common among locals (and thus travellers) to have a scrub and a massage in a hamam.

If you go to a nice hamam, you'll be guaranteed to have a nice masssage and scrub session, in a very historic and interesting atmosphere.

But if you don't like the idea of going to a public hamam, there are hamams in five-star hotels in Istanbul, where you can sample your share of massage in Istanbul.

And if you are really not into having a hamam experience, you can find spas in Istanbul with very quality service and atmosphere. Most of these spas are in five-star hotels and they are widely known as providing an excellent service.

Hamam (Turkish Bath):

You have a lot of choices if you want a good massage in Istanbul:

Hamam is the most classical and traditional solution for the need for massage in Istanbul.

You can have a massage and an exfoliating scrub in the steam room of the hamam(Turkish bath). And then cool off with a cold drink and a shower. Here you can find everything about hamams in Istanbul:

What is a hamam (Turkish bath)?

Best hamams (Turkish baths) in Istanbul

Spa Centers:

If you're looking for some luxury and personal attention, a visit to a spa in a hotel will be a better option for you.

The best spas in Istanbul are;

Les Ottomans:

This one is a little far away from the city center. But if you have time it is totally worth going there. The building and the views of Bosphorus are amazing.

Laveda Spa – The Ritz-Carlton:

Laveda Spa has a very good reputation and it's known to have an excellent atmosphere and service. Try it yourself..

Sanitas Spa - Cıragan Palace Kempinski:

This one is among the best, views of the hotel is excellent, service is very good. Location is on the Bosphorus and yet very central.

Gaia Spa - Hyatt Hotel Istanbul:

This has the most convenient location, it is right behind the Taksim Park. It is known with its quality service and nice atmosphere.

Four Seasons Bosphorus:

This spa is one of the best too. Convenient location, excellent service and amazing views of Bosphorus.

Swissotel The Bosphorus:

This one is in Besiktas too. And has very good points from visitors.

Sumahan Hotel:

This one is on the Anantolian side of Istanbul. They have a boat for transportation of their visitors, you can call and arrange it.

City Zen:

This is a very nice place to have a massage or a facial. They have excellent staff and a very nice atmosphere.

You can check the opening hours and prices from the above links.

Whether you choose a hamam or a spa, I hope you enjoy your massage in Istanbul!

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