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Writing an overview about Istanbul is a hard task. There are lots of aspects of Istanbul to be covered which are combined in a unique way.

Istanbul is the gateway between East and West and home to centuries of history and culture.

Istanbul is Turkey’s social, artistic and commercial center, full of vitality and activity day and night throughout all year. This makes the city, a place worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

Dolmabahce Palace behind a ferry on Bosphorus Strait
Photo: By Mine Beyaz / Flickr

Istanbul has a rich historic legacy. It was the crown city of three empires in a row; Roman Empire, Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire and Ottoman Empire.

These three empires left their signs all over the city which give Istanbul its unique character and gave different names to the city.

Names of Istanbul ;

  • Byzantium: Roman Empire Period,
  • Constantinople: Eastern Roman Empire Period (known as Byzantine Empire),
  • Konstantiniyye: Ottoman Empire Period,
  • Istanbul: Last phases of Ottoman Empire Period and we still call it Istanbul.

Istanbul is exotic, complex, captivating and monumental..

The moment that you see the skyline of the Historic Peninsula rising on the horizon, is a moment you will never forget! You will get under its spell for sure… Istanbul is a city of marvellous light throughout all seasons, eastern mystery and atmosphere.

You will feel the magical atmosphere of Istanbul with its own sounds, images and tastes. You will feel the city-vibe and see that it is like no other place on Earth.

Historic Peninsula and Maiden's Tower...
Photo: By Volkan HVC / Flickr

Istanbul is like an open-air museum!

This city is a paradise for all kinds of travelers!

You will feel like you’re walking in an open-air museum while walking around Old City and in 10-15 minutes you are at the modern part of the city; back in our time again!

The city of minarets, mosques and markets will inspire and delight you.

Get to know Sultanahmet or take a stroll past the thousands of shops in the Grand Bazaar; you will be dazzled by the exquisite architecture...

Spices in Spice Market, Eminönü...
Photo: By WNAdams / Flickr

You will smell the exciting smells of the spice markets and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

The city of minarets, mosques and markets will inspire and delight you...

Colorful candle-lamps in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
Photo: Candle lamps, Samdanlar
(Huseyin Atilla flyship / Flickr)

Istanbul also has some superb architecture spanning over 2000 years.

The picturesque villages along the Bosphorus Strait reflects the old housing type in Istanbul while modern neighborhoods like Nisantasi reflects a period in modern times.

There are quite a lot examples of timeless architecture, from the Hagia Sophia Museum, Chora Museum, Süleymaniye Mosque to the top-notch design, modern buildings like Canyon Mall.

Kanyon Shopping Mall, an inside view
Photo: By Dysturb / Flickr

JUST RELAX!         

There is never enough time to explore Istanbul...

So, just relax and enjoy.. Don't rush..

Only then, Istanbul reveals itself to you..

Learn the essentials before

your Istanbul trip..

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Here is an extended overview about and the most valuable information for your trip to Istanbul…

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