Best Things To Do
in Istanbul

Let me guess; you are a first-timer here and you don’t have the first clue about things to do in Istanbul, besides seeing Hagia Sophia…

Or this is not your first time, you have a general idea about Istanbul, but you want to dig deeper…

Or you have such a limited time that you can not leave it to chance, so you are looking for valuable information…

No matter which feels closer to you, there is something that will fulfill your expectations..

Traveling is not all about historic areas and monuments of course, there is a life to discover in every city.

And when it comes to Istanbul the discovery will be priceless because Istanbul has a great number of options for every taste, every age and every budget.

History and tradition are under every stone, Ottoman Empire and Byzantine Empire are melted into every inch of the city, but there is a new star emerging between them: Modern and cool Istanbul!

You will change your mind immediately after you dive into the active life in Istanbul if you were expecting to see belly dancers dancing in dusty places.

New and stylish nightclubs, restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, hotels, museums and galleries are opening around the city, at an uncatchable speed.

The ghetto-like zones are transformed into vibrant and stylish neighborhoods, thanks to the development phase of the last 5-10 years.

Hip and stylish clientele are out to discover those areas, day and night. And these places are vibrant with eating, drinking and dancing activities until the first rays of the sun.

Don’t worry about your diet because of the greasy kebaps. You will find a wide range of cutting-edge international cuisine options, besides delicious Turkish food alternatives.

Istanbul has something for you,
regardless of your interests...

Istanbul is one of the oldest and most interesting cities in the world. If you can’t find at least a dozen of amazing things to do here, you can’t possibly find them anywhere else. (And do let me know if you can't find enough activities to keep you busy, I'll be glad to help...)

And as a good surprise Easyjet has started low-cost flights. So, even a short weekend will be a good idea to fly here for soaking up the excitement.

There are at least one hundred things you can do in Istanbul. I know it is nearly impossible to cover them all.

So I’ve summarized and classified them for you to choose which fits your routes the most.

I hope that you will plan for visiting Istanbul again, in no time and want to do the rest… Actually, I am sure you will want too!

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