Parts of Topkapi Palace:
First Courtyard

Topkapi Palace has four courtyards. The first gate leads into the first of a series of four courtyards. The more private the courtyards become while you penetrate deeper into the palace.

First one was open to public during the Ottoman Empire Era.

Today it still serves as a gathering place.

The Imperial Gate(Bab-ı Hümayun)

It is the main entrance to the palace. It is on the outer walls of the palace and is dated back to 1478. This gate leads to the first of the four courtyards of the palace.

Courtyard of the Janissaries (Alay Meydani)

It is the first courtyard of the palace. It served as a security zone for the inner palace.

It was a public space where the citizens could enter on pre-arranged days to lead their relations with the state. It takes its name from the Janissaries who used to muster here.It housed a hospital and dormitories for the palace guards.

This is a big area with 300 metres length.

The walls of the 1st courtyard contains;

  • Haghia Eirene Church Museum,
  • Gülhane Park,

  • Archeology Museum,
  • Tiled Pavillion,
  • Ancient East Artifacts Museum,
  • Goths’ Column,
  • Incili Pavillion,
  • Sepetçiler Mansion,
  • Processions Mansion and several gates...

The inner palace has its own protective walls, placed on the inside of the outer walls.

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This was only the entrance.. Other 3 courtyards full of history are still ahead!

Now let’s go and see the other amazing parts of the Topkapi Palace:

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