Travel Agency in Istanbul:
Check Out the Accuracy

So you’ve decided to use a travel agency in Istanbul and you’ve found one.

There are thousands of licensed and registered travel agencies and tour operators in Turkey.

And some others sneak into the market as if they are professionals. They act as if they are professionals and ruin the whole trip for the unlucky customers who have unknowingly chose them...

Don’t be fooled, first check out if the company is registered.

All tour operators and every travel agency in Turkey must be a registered member of TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies).

Every TURSAB member travel agency has a different ID number.

If this number is not publicized on the internet site of the company, ask for the number.

Then check it through the website of TURSAB.

There is a search area that you can run your searches by name or ID number of the agency.

You can see here, in which group the agency is too.

If the agency doesn't have a valid ID number, then don't work with them.

Simply, find another registered travel agency that can provide all you need during your stay.

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