Turkey Customs:
Have a Look Before You Land

Turkey customs are not hard to pass. Turkey uses the Red/Green Channel System at airports. In most of the cases you will walk through the Green Channel, without being asked about what you carry with you.

But if you are carrying an unordinary package you will be asked to get to the Red Channel and your luggage will be searched.

So as a rule of thumb; don’t carry too big and awkward packages and act normal.

There are detailed regulations about what you can import and export. Always check the official website of Turkey Customs if you have a question in mind since the info there is the most accurate .

You can find more detailed and accurate info at the official website of “Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretariate of Turkey Customs”.

Duty-free offers very good prices for various items in Turkish airports. But the downside is you get to buy only a limited amount of each item.

So you want to buy more than 5 packages of you favorite lotion or 5 bottle of your beloved whisky. You take them, go to the cashier and the ugly truth reveals; you just can’t buy that much!

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Import Regulations by Turkey Customs:

Items may be brought into the country duty free are;

  • Personal effects of the tourist.
  • All personal electronic devices but only 1 of each type.
  • Maximum 3 Musical instruments, only one of each type.
  • Personal sports equipment.
  • Necessary medical items.
  • Bicycle, baby buggy, toys.
  • 200 cigarettes and 50 cigars. 200 grams of tobacco and 200 cigarette papers, or 50 grams of chewing tobacco or 200 grams of pipe tobacco, or 200 grams of snuff .(In addition to the above allowances, it is possible to purchase 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars, and 500 grams of pipe tobacco from the Turkish Duty Free Shops upon entering the country).
  • 1.5kg. coffee, 1.5kg. instant coffee, 500 grams of tea.
  • 1 kilo chocolate and 1 kilo sweets.
  • 1 (100 cc) or 2 (70 cc) bottles of wines and/or spirits.
  • Five bottles of perfume (120 ml max. each).

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Export Regulations by Turkey Customs:

  • Antiques and all items with a value of over $ 15,000 must be registered in the owner's passport upon entering Turkey, for control upon exit.
  • Valuable personal items can only be taken out of the country providing they have been registered in the owner's passport upon entry or providing they have been purchased with legally exchanged currency.
  • Sharp instruments (including camping knives) and weapons can only be brought into the country with special permission.
  • Marijuana and all other narcotics are strictly forbidden. Bringing, trading or consuming are subject to heavy punishment.
  • Electronic devices are subject to customs too.
  • The export of valuable souvenirs such as carpets is subject to customs regulations regarding age and value.

    For a new carpet, a proof of purchase; for old items, a certificate from a directorate of a museum is necessary.

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    Warning about Antiques:

    Exporting antiques from Turkey is strictly forbidden. It is forbidden to buy, possess, sell or export antiques.

    Be sure you don’t buy any antiques from Turkey because it is subject to penalties including prison sentence.

    Turkey customs officers don’t search every luggage but they certainly do search randomly. Don’t risk it…

    Again, always check the official website of “Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretariate of Turkey Customs” to find more detailed and accurate info.

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