The Crown City of Three Empires…

You’re planning a trip to Istanbul and don’t know where to start?

Probably you’ve heard many things; all the historical places, must-see sights, all the delicious meals to be tried at least once and so on…

It is easy to feel over-whelmed thinking about how to see-all and do-all but no need for that…

You will have a clear-cut plan after you search this site.

Here you will find;

  • All the necessary information about this exciting city,
  • Why visiting Istanbul will be a great experience,
  • Best ways to get the most of your stay here,
  • Most importantly: The way to experience the city at your own pace…

Bosphorus and Bogaziçi Bridge are turning red with the sun...
Photo: Bosphorus (Volkan HVC / Flickr)   

  What makes Istanbul a perfect destination?

There is something for everyone!

  • “East meets West”:
    The city is in the junction of Europe and Asia. The diverse culture and history are just waiting to be discovered.
  • Awake 24/7:
    It is is one of the most fascinating and vibrant cities in the world. The city is awake 24/7.
  • Unique Character:
    Travelling here gives you a sense of witnessing a cultural diversity you never thought possible.
  • Walk-friendly:
    You can discover the major attractions, places to see and the neighbourhoods during leisurely walks.
  • Luxury Within Reach:
    This exciting city has something to offer whether you enjoy luxuries or you’re travelling on a budget.
  • Suits Every Need:
    You can find activities that meet your needs whether you’re planning a family trip or you’re a nightlife addict.
  • Perfect Place to Live:
    It is a delightful place to live, visit or even invest in.

Sunset behind Leander's Tower, Bosphorus...
Photo: Kizkulesi (Hüseyin Atilla flyship / Flickr)

  And there's more;

  • Enriching History:
    A very rich history that span more than 2000 years and astonising architecture,
  • Turkish Cuisine:
    One of the best cuisines in the world, award-winning restaurants, trendy cafés and budget-friendly choices,
  • Old and Modern:
    Modern lifestyle and old city charm, blended very nicely,
  • Bosphorus Strait:
    The unique Bosphorus Strait, fishing villages along it, amazing vistas of two continents and splendid bridges that combine them.
  • Active Cultural Scene:
    Lively cultural life and a very active nightlife with endless possibilities,
  • Wide Range of Shopping Options:
    Very exciting street shopping and antique stores, unique Grand Bazaar and Spice Market, hand-made jewellery, up-to-date fashion and trendy local brands, modern shopping malls,
  • Hamam Experience:
    Historic baths for the ones that want the real-deal on Turkish baths and modern wellness facilities for others...

Galata Tower and Karaköy behind ferry...
Photo: Oldies (orcunaras / Flickr)

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